The Italian Government issued on July 1 2022 the Law Decree on the respect of equal rights between men and women in work.

Angela Moliterni – ESG – BLCI Milan

Marco Milan – Labour Consultant – BLCI Milan

The Italian Government issued on July 1 2022 the Law Decree on the respect of equal rights between men
and women in work.
The measures aim to ensure greater participation of women in the labor market and to reduce the gender
gap, by the creation of a national system of gender equality certification with the scope to improve the
working conditions of women, also in terms of quality, remuneration, and role in companies. All companies
can get the specific “equality certificate”, regardless of the sector of reference, and the number of
The advantages are very significant since the companies can gain with such a certification a good score for
the public funds (national and local) or other incentives. The italian public administration will be required to
indicate in the tender calls the advantages they intend to recognize for companies in possession of this
The equality certificates are issued by specific entities accredited in this area (EEC Regulation n. 765/2008).
The certification mechanism is based on specific “KPI” (Key Performance Indicators) and six areas of
evaluation, namely (i) culture and strategy, (ii) governance, (iii) HR processes, (iv) opportunities for growth
and inclusion of women in the company area, (v) income equality, (vi) protection of parenthood and work-
life balance.
Each area is characterized by a percentage weight that contributes to the measurement of the
organization’s as-is level and against which constant progress is measured over time: to issue the
certification, the company must reach the minimum score of 60%.
In addition, the company union representatives will have the task of verifying compliance with the
requisites necessary for maintaining the minimum parameters.
For corporate governance, the “empowerment of women” will soon become an important compliance
matter to which companies will have to adapt in order not to see the risk of not excelling in
competitiveness and rewarding participation in tenders.

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