About Us

About Us

BLCI International is an Italian based Tax & Legal consulting firm, originated from the alliance of three Italian based consulting companies, with the purpose to address local and international clients in their tax, legal or business concerns, linking together a wide range of expertise.

The highly qualified members of BLCI are lawyers, business and tax advisors, auditors, certified public accountants, enrolled into professional public registers and bar associations in Italy, with a long experience and strong expertise in domestic, Chinese and international business law, tax law, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions.

BLCI International also assists its clients on the most tax-effective benefit schemes for employees, including executives and expatriates, and on cross-border loan and secondment of personnel.

The business consultants of the Firm specifically focus on optimizing corporate resources and organizing the production processes.

BLCI International finally guarantees coordination of its professionals for the best supervision of the project, and to provide most appropriate services in a timely manner.

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BOKS International

BLCI is an independent member of BOKS International Limited, an international alliance of professionals business advisors. BLCI is a separate an independent legal entity to BOKS International Limited and the other member firms of the BOKS alliance, and is solely responsible for the work it carries out and services it provides to its clients. BOKS International Limited and the other members of the BOKS alliance are not responsible and have no liability for the acts or omissions of BLCI and BLCI has no liability for the acts or omissions of other members firm.


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