Localization and Globalization

Localization and Globalization

BLCI supports the process of internationalization of its Italian and international clients. Some of BLCI’s professionals have gained multi-year experience in different countries, and usually supports overseas companies also in China and HK, helping companies to address their cross-border needs and local compliance.

BLCI is also expert partner in the processes of incorporation and management of foreign companies in Italy and in providing assistance on matters of corporate law and international trade.

In this context, some professionals of BLCI usually tackles VAT issues, both in domestic and cross-border transactions, and some others supports clients in the area of international trade law, transport law, import and export, and customs.

BLCI also advises on corporate income tax issues and on group taxation matters, including the design of holding structures and the optimization of the tax regime of dividends, interest and royalties among group entities. BLCI provides professional assistance to groups on transfer pricing policies and assists clients with the negotiation and conclusion of Advance Pricing Agreements with the Italian Tax Authorities.

The firm handles complex tax litigation, involving transfer pricing and international and domestic tax matters, before the Italian Tax Courts, the Italian Supreme Court, and the European Tax Courts.




Marta  Snaidero
Asian desk

Andrea Chiaravalli
International Corporate

Maurizio Di Salvo
VAT and International Tax 

Marco Milan
Global Job Mobility 

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