Sustainability and Circular Economy

The “Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale” Sustainable Connections - 10th edition Milan, Bocconi University 3 rd -4 th -5 th October 2022

Since 2013, the Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale is Italy’s most important event devoted to corporate social responsibility and the social and environmental sustainability of businesses. The Exhibition contributed to the spreading of the culture of social responsibility, offering a vast range of opportunities for further education and networking.

The next national edition of the event has been scheduled for next 3rd, 4th, and 5th of October 2022 and will be held in Milan, at the Bocconi University Campus, with the promotion of Sustainability Makers (CSR Manager Network), Global Compact Network Italia Foundation, ASviS, Sodalitas, Unioncamere, Koinètica.

On the path of sustainable development, the mere collaboration between different social actors isn’t enough. Finding effective solutions to complex social and environmental problems in an interconnected world requires the adoption of a multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary approach.

The EU sent important signals in this direction, addressing how to be increasingly connected and integrated, and how to report. It is essential, therefore, to shed light on the state of the art of sustainability reporting, the evolution of reporting standards, and the complexities that the actors involved have to face, to reach a shared and clear goal.

Angela Moliterni – partner of BLCI, Italian member of BOKS International – is a Chartered Accountant and Auditor, with a long experience in Planning and Control systems for MNEs and SMEs, acting as P&C Area Manager of listed companies and investment funds. Her passion for business models and sustainability led her to become a certified Business Designer and Expert in strategic management of the circular economy.

She is an ESG and SDG sustainability certifier and a member of the “Social and Integrated Reporting and ESG Committees” of the Milan Association of Chartered Accountants.

Angela Moliterni will attend as a speaker on the October 3rd 2022 and will have a speech on the “Relevance of Sustainability Reporting” to connect – more effectively and efficiently – foreign businesses, organizations, and institutions.

Circular Economy:

Why be circular?

We support organizations in the process of changing their business model from linear (marked by the phases of withdrawal, production, use and throw) to circular, through a modular approach.

We identify who we are, what actions need to be taken, we plan and increase the level of circularity of the company’s production cycles, through recycling and reuse policies and extending the product life cycle.

We measure the results of the actions taken and improve them over time.


to reduce waste and pollution, and limit global warming while respecting the environment.

Reporting and communication:

Being sustainable is important, but the real challenge is to communicate it!

We structure a reporting process of non-financial type, oriented to the communication of actions, with the drafting of documents (Social Report, Sustainability Report, Integrated Report, non-financial statement,…) based on regulatory references and according to specific reporting standards on sustainability and sustainable development – Legislative Decree 254/16, 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs Agenda 2030, GRI Standard), SASB.

Communication benefits:

Sustainability and ESG:

What does a sustainable organization do? How to be sustainable?

For companies, being sustainable means making decisions that pursue 3 objectives:


(environmental quality)


(social equity)


(economic prosperity)

At BLCI we help organizations wishing to embark on a sustainability journey to implement a sustainable transition system according to a step-by-step process that starts with mapping, enhancing what they already do but are not aware of, and defining a strategic sustainability plan integrated with the business through the development of indicators (KPI).

We accompany organizations towards nationally (ESG sustainability rating – SRG 88088:20) and internationally (B Corp and Benefit Companies) recognised certification.


Angela Moliterni
Studio CD
Reporting & assurance, Strategy and Due Dilig, Circular Economy

Sostenibilità, un obiettivo essenziale per le aziende

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